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Madeira is an Atlantic island belonging to Portugal located 625 miles off the mainland and produces a unique fortified wine of the same name.  Madeira is most notable in being considered the world’s most resilient and longest lived wine.

 Like Porto, madeira seems to have begun as an unfortified wine.  There are few early records but Madeira’s strategic position in the middle of the Atlantic put the island at an advantage.  The island’s capital Funchal became a natural port of call for ships en route to Africa, Asia and South America.  By the end of the 16th century there is firm evidence that Madeira’s wine industry was well established.  However, the early madeira wines were unstable and many deteriorated long before they reached their destination.  Alcohol (probably distilled from cane sugar) was therefore added in order to help the wine survive the long sea voyage, although fortification did not become general practice until the 18th century.

With the colonization of North America in the 17th century, Madeira established an important export market on the east coast.  By the end of the 18th century the new North American colonies were buying a quarter of all wine produced on the island.  Madeira was held in such high esteem that is was used to toast the Decleration of Independance in 1776!  The Madeira Club of Savannah survived prohibition and continues to meet regularly over a quarter of a millennium after the first pipes of madeira were landed on the coast of Georgia.

The Oxford Companion to Wine – 2nd Edition


Own a Sip of History!

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Sercial is the driest and lightest; the grape itself is known as Esgana Cão in mainland Portugal because of its aggressive acidity. Once fortified and aged, it typically shows notes of almond, citrus, and spice.

Verdelho is generally a touch fuller and sweeter, with a hint of smoke on the nose; it retains a clean acidic crispness on the finish.

Bual, sweetness begins to move into the dessert wine level. The smokiness remains, but raisiny fruits are also more prominent.

Malvasia/Malmsey Madeira, is rich and sweet, and resembles tawny Port in many ways, showing lots of caramel, nut, and coffee aromas.

Terrantez comes in two principal styles: The rich and sweet wines, as exemplified by bottlings of the Madeira Wine Company. The other style is rather dry, although quite concentrated in flavors.

~D’Oliveira Vintages Available~

1908 Bual $759.99* AG94

1968 Bual $279.99* WS96

1977 Bual $199.99 AG94

1984 Bual $169.99*

1993 Bual $109.99*

1901 Malvasia $1,099.99*

1907 Malvasia $869.99* NM97, WS95

1989 Malvasia $129.99* NM91, WS93

1994 Malvasia $99.99*

1928 Sercial $629.99*

1937 Sercial $459.99* WS93

1969 Sercial $229.99* WS94, NM92

1977 Sercial $199.99* WS93

1989 Sercial $129.99*

1912 Verdelho $729.99*

1932 Verdelho $569.99* NM92

1973 Verdelho $209.99* AG93

1986 Verdelho $149.99* WS93

1994 Verdelho $99.99*

1927 Bastardo $799.99*

1971 Terrantez $269.99* WS96

1977 Terrantez $229.99* NM91

1988 Terrantez $149.99* AG93

1995 Old Wine $99.99* WS96

~Barbeito Vintages Available~

 1992 Bual (500ml) $129.99* WS93

NV “Ribeiro Real” 20yr Malvasia $224.99* WS93

1978 Sercial $319.99* WA94

NV “Ribeiro Real” 20yr Sercial $224.99*

1992 Verdelho (500ml) $129.99*

1998 Tinta Negra Colheita “Ribeiro Real” $109.99*

NV “VB” (500ml) Lote #4 $49.99*

~Rare Wine Co. Historic Series~

New York Malmsey $59.99* VN92, WE93

Boston Bual $59.99* WS93, VN92, WE93

Savannah Verdelho $59.99* VN93, WS 92

Charleston Sercial $59.99* VN92, WE93

Baltimore Rainwater $54.99* WS91

WS = Wine Spectator, NM = Neal Martin, AG = Antonio Galloni, WA = Wine Advocate, VN = Vinous, WE = Wine Enthusiast

*Before tax.