Very Special PRE-SELL Buying Opportunity! ’15 Ch d’Yquem(RP 98-100)(JS 99) & The RARE ’16 “Y” d’Yquem

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Direct from the Chateau!

Take advantage of this very special pre-sell buying opportunity of the world’s greatest Sauternes.

In the Bordeaux Classification of 1855, Chateau d’Yquem was given the unique and unsurpassable rank of Premier Cru Superieur, ahead of all other Sauternes, indicating its perceived superiority and ability to command the highest prices. The wines of Chateau d’Yquem are characterized by their complexity, concentration and longevity. In a good year; a bottle will only begin to show its qualities after a decade or two of cellaring and with proper care, will keep a century or more, gradually adding layers of taste and hitherto undetected overtones.

The site has been home to a vineyard since at least 1711 when the estate was owned by Leon de Savage d’Yquem. In 1785 it passed to the Lur-Saluces family when Francoise-Josephine de Savage d’Yquem married Count Louis-Amedee de Lur-Saluces, the godson of Louis XV and lady Victoire de France. Monsieur Lur-Saluces died three years later, and his widow then focused her energy on sustaining and improving the estate; indeed, the Chateau as it now stands is largely due to her work, as well as that of her descendants, who ran the property for over 200 years and whose name remains on the label to this day.  

While envoy to France, Thomas Jefferson visited the chateau and later wrote, “Sauterne. (sic) This is the best white wine of France and the best of it is made by Monsieur de Lur-Saluces.” Jefferson ordered 250 bottles of the 1784 vintage for himself, and additional bottles for George Washington. However, at the time the technique of allowing noble rot to infect the grapes had not yet been discovered, so the wine Jefferson was drinking was effectively a different sweet wine. Remarkably, the size of Chateau d’Yquem was, however; the same in 1788 as it is today. 


2015 Chateau d’Yquem Sauternes $360.00* (RP 98-100)(JS 99)

“The 2015 Château d’Yquem is a blend of 75% Semillon and 25% Sauvignon Blanc that was picked on the gravelly soils as early as 3 and 4 September until 21 October, four tries through the vineyard. It has a show-stopping bouquet that is beautifully defined and very complex and exuberant, infused with greater mineralité than recent vintages – intense but not as flamboyant as say the 2009 Yquem at this stage. The palate boasts absolutely stunning balance. This is a Yquem without a hair out of place: fantastically pure, botrytised fruit caressing the mouth. That is as per normal. What distinguishes this Yquem is the sense of electricity that is imbued by that razor-sharp acidity. There is just unbelievably tension here and to be frank, there is little point in me continuing to write this note, because it is simply an astonishing Yquem that will rank alongside the 2001 and 2009.” – Robert Parker

2016 “Y” d’Yquem Blanc $149.00*

With an annual production of 10,000 bottles a year, Y (pronounced “ee-grek” in French) is a RARE wine. It is made from the same outstanding terroir and the same vines as Château d’Yquem. Although work in the vineyard is every bit as meticulous, the grapes are picked and the wine made in a different way.

Y was formerly made at the end of the harvest, with the last bunches left on the vines. These grapes, affected to varying degrees by Botrytis cinerea, but never with more than 15% potential alcohol, resulted in a very unusual wine. This explains why it has always been produced in small quantities and on an irregular basis since 1959. Y changed starting in 1996, but without compromising its unique character, to be more in tune with the times by displaying the qualities of freshness and crispness – essential for a modern great white wine. It was decided in 2004 to make Y every year. It is thus by deliberate choice that they now harvest certain plots of Sauvignon Blanc at the beginning of the vintage, making sure to pick perfectly ripe bunches. These are completed by Sémillon grapes picked just at that fleeting stage when the grapes have reached maximum ripeness, botrytis has just appeared, and the skins have turned a pinkish colour. This is the precise moment when this grape variety’s tannins are soft enough for the aromatic potential of the best plots of clay soil to come through.

The wine receives close attention all during fermentation: light, precise pressing as well as temperature-controlled must racking and alcoholic fermentation in a new aesthetically pleasing, state-of-the-art vat room set aside just for this wine. The end of fermentation and ageing on the lees take place in barrels. Only one third of these are new, and the lees are regularly stirred (bâtonnage) for ten months. The final blend is made after tasting. It usually consists predominantly of Sauvignon Blanc and a few lots of Sémillon.


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