Very Special PRE-SELL Buying Opportunity: 2007 Chateau de Fargues Sauternes (WA97) Direct from the Chateau!

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Direct from the Chateau!

Take advantage of this very special pre-sell buying opportunity on one of the world’s great sweet wines: 2007 Chateau de Fargues Sauternes!

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“The small production guarantees rarity.  Additionally, shrewd consumers looking for a wine similar to Yquem at a fraction of the price keep most bottles of this wine from ever hitting a retailer’s shelf.” – Robert Parker


“In 1472, 300 years before the Lur Saluces family acquired the famous Chateau d’Yquem, they owned Chateau de Fargues.  While de Fargues has never been classified, the quality of the wine is still brilliant.  Still owned by the Lur Saluces family, it receives virtually the identical winemaking care that Yquem does.  In some vintages, de Fargues has often been the second-best wine produced in the Sauternes region, and when it is tasted blind, many tasters, including most experts, usually judge it to be Yquem.”

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“De Fargues similarity to Yquem is uncanny, and given the price charged for de Fargues – approximately one-third that paid for a bottle of Yquem – it is irrefutably a bargain.  Unfortunately the production of de Fargues is tiny, thereby reducing the opportunity for many wine enthusiasts to taste this wine (which some, by the way, jokingly call Yquem Jr.).”

Bordeaux 4th Edition/Robert Parker


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~2007 Chateau de Fargues Pre-Sell~

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2007 Chateau de Fargues 750ml $124.00*

2007 Chateau de Fargues 375ml $65.00*


Wine Advocate 97 Points  The de Fargues 2007 delivers 13.9% alcohol and 134 grams of residual sugar. Picking commenced on September 11, with slow botrytis formation and recommenced October 2-24, the picking ale to be conducted at a relatively leisurely pace. It has a very typical de Fargues nose that has lost its tongue at first, but it opens up to reveal a slightly spirituous bouquet with clear honey, pressed flowers, almond and a distant scent of the sea. The palate is medium-bodied with very fine tannins and outstanding delineation. It is utterly harmonious with a thrilling, edgy finish that expresses the terroir with great clarity. There is an effervescent quality that really takes the 2007 to another level, while the marmalade and white pepper finish is powerful and leaves a lasting impression. This is a fabulous 2007, one of the wines of the vintage.

*Before tax.  Price is NET, no further discounts apply.


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This past March Doug, Craig and Brendan made their annual trip to Bordeaux to taste and evaluate the recent 2014 vintage.  As fortune would have it one of our negociants, who was driving us for the day, happened to get a call from his good friend Philippe de Lur Saluces and an hour later we found ourselves at the doorsteps of the ancient castle of de Fargues!  Philippe could not have been more gracious and gave us a thorough tour and of course a generous tasting of Chateau de Fargues.  His knowledge of not only Sauternes but the history of the land and the origins of this amazing nectar was truly impressive and beyond anything we could have expected.  The wine itself is a sensory experience beyond compare so treat yourself to the exceptional and profound quality that is Chateau de Fargues!


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